Strategic Acceleration

FortuneTimes Group, Inc. is a New York based management consulting firm that focuses on accelerating individual and organizational understanding of the convergence of business, technologies and global best practice. Our team of industry professionals will work closely with your organization to develop tailored solutions to enter the market and expand your business.

Strategic Acceleration of Your Goals.

Together, we develop organizational goals that help you maximize business potential. Seizing these growth opportunities requires careful planning – with a focus on building your organization, and sustaining lasting competitive advantage, for long-term success.

New York Market Research and Advisory

FortuneTimes Group, Inc., provides consulting services to strengthen your overall business model in performance, global marketing, mergers and acquisitions support, financial modeling and decision analysis.

Performance Scorecard: We document and track internal performance behaviors, and outcomes. These inform our understanding of your business model. Together, we create realistic plans to build upon organizational strengths and enhance capabilities, using performance scorecards for mission-critical functions within the firm.

Fundraising: The fundraising process can be difficult for any organization. Fortune Times Group, Inc. will provide expert advisory services that assure success for those firms looking to take their companies public. We address Fundraising challenges by helping you more effectively communicate your mission and goals. We clarify key Financial results, identify risks involved and facilitate the negotiation and valuation process. Together, we advanced the fundraising timetable and raise Capital.

Staffing and Organizational Structure: FTG will advise on how to recruit, train, retain and develop talented employees for your organization and become an employer of choice. Together, we develop performance metrics that transform activities into accomplishments.

Marketing Research: Marketing communicates the value of the product to the customer. It also defines the 4 P’s, the product, the pricing, the positioning and the placement. We work with you to enhance the “4P’s” and build your brand in the global marketplace. We analyze the products and services of competitors, identify new opportunities, differentiation and market penetration. Together, we increase your market share in sectors within which you compete.

Financial Management: We work with you to direct, organize and control the financial resources of your firm. Together, we devise a sound investment strategy that projects growth, and brand recognition in New York.

Business Regulations: We advise on compliance procedures to meet New York and international regulations. Together, we accelerate legal compliance, and minimize delay.

Information Technology: We use a best practice approach to assess how your organization currently utilizes its management information systems, networks and channels of communication. We advise the organization on how to enhance and protect its information resources and systems. Together, we identify technological trends specific to your industry.

Operations Management: We work with you to identify strategic projects to increase efficiency within your organization. Together, we optimize your profit.